The SmartLOG Group begins its journey with the creation of SmartLOG Services, S.L., offering consulting services and integral engineering solutions in Intralogistics, supported by the experience of its founders and workers.

The SmartLOG Group is characterized by offering a close service that stands out for its Loyalty, Honesty, Passion and Commitment of its clients.

The SmartLOG Group has been and is a company that is considered an extension of the engineering and logistics department of its clients, where it only works with the best technology providers on the market.

In 2018, SmartLOG Services decides to classify the different activities / services with the creation of new businesses that will be in charge of offering them to the market in a more specialized way, as well as improving the attention to the different territories it serves, with the opening of subsidiaries and delegations to reach customers with more quality and with greater presence.

In this way, 2 units are generated: SmartLOG Intralogistics to solve, on the one hand, the needs of consulting and automated systems in Intralogistics engineering and SmartLAN Assenbly for the creation of logistics equipment and maintenance of existing solutions in the required efficiency parameters.

The development of the SmartLOG Group commercial activity is distributed in different regions and countries.

To provide the necessary solution and attention to the needs of these clients in the different territories, the SmartLOG Group creates 4 HUB subsidiaries that serve to provide the necessary support to the following territories: SmartLOG LATAM NORTH, SmartLOG LATAM SOUTH, SmartLOG PERU, SmartLOG MENA (Middle East and North Africa).